Operation Face-Off Complete!

Hello fellow imbibers,

It is I, 595 Craft and Kitchen, now becoming self-aware!  All nonsense aside, holy shit do we have exciting information for you!  Read below for the best 3-5 minute reading of your week:


  1.  Build out is going well, simple cosmetic changes in the dining room are in planning phase, soon to be handed over to a General Contractor to rebuild.  Who knew that our diners would need cold air blowing at them when it’s 115 degrees outside…
  2. Camden is rock climbing.  He’ll come back to pour some water in the sinks, break some shit around the bar, argue with Van about nonsensical stuff, then go climb more fucking rocks 😆
  3. Companies in LV don’t like making any money.  Pro tip:  When a potential client calls you to give you business, answer the phone quickly!  We has the monies that we wants to gives you.  You takes monies from us for services rendered.
  4. Menu will have *******, **********, ******, ************, and a small list of excellent **********.  All in all, we’ll (hopefully) have around 20 items so that we can take pride in creating rather than giving you 100 items that no one gives a fuck about 🙂
  5. Van’s been drinking pretty much every day on the job.  The boss says it’s cool.

Working Sober

Working while drinking

What’s next? 

  1. Fire & Health Inspectors do plan review to make sure the build out is compliant with Uncle Samwich.  We like to have pun while working.
  2. Contractors perform all the work
  3. Temporary liquor licensed (hopefully) issued so we can finally serve beer
  4. Fire & Health inspectors do final walk-through to make sure people won’t die in our restaurant
  5. Van & Camden better start studying for all the certifications that they need to run a bar or else they’re going to be pounding sand once I’m open!
  6. Camden will continue to work with vendors to produce a fantastic selection of craft beer, cocktails, and wines for all you delightful drunkards!
  7. Chris is overseeing the construction with the GC to get our doors open for bidness
  8. Van is working with his good friend Chef Walter to build the menu, then gear up to start staffing the bar and restaurant!
  9. Training period of 2 weeks for staff members to gear us up for opening

On a serious note, the whole team is working their asses off to build something special for everyone in the community.  If you know any of the team members, you know what their vision is and how relentless they will be working to achieve that.  They’re very grateful to have the support of their friends, family, and community, and will keep plugging away to get there!  End serious note.

When the team tidies the kitchen up, you’ll get to see what it looks like to throw down in their humble abode.  Also, they’re expecting to load me up with the draft system any day now, so stay tuned for that as well!  As always, stay tuned for more updates 😀

Bonus for making it through the post:

Cam hard at work as usual.  Thanks Jack for that one!


595 Craft and Kitchen Team <3

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