Building, Beers, and Booze

Hello there friends,

It’s been a while!  The crew’s been pecking away at all the tasks to be done, but fear not for they are forever snowed with endless tasks to still be done.

Last time we spoke (let’s be honest, you were reading Van’s pontificating rants about a whole lot o’ nothin’!), the crew was excited about the construction underway.  Holy shit were they (the humans) naive.  Allow me (the sentient being that is 595) update you lovely people of what’s been goings ons.

Please take a moment to find yourself a nice frosty beer:

Thanks to Mike Gaddy at Mother Earth for the showing us some love at the BCBF! More pics on that later 😀

If you aren’t drinking while you’re reading this, please unfriend me (the website) from your life (jk).  But to understand the bumbling bureaucratic bull that we get dragged through, you don’t want to be sober.  I mean, be coherent enough to understand what you’re reading, but be about 2-3 beers in by the time you continue reading below. 😆


In no particular order:Camden is on a sabbatical (from what? we’re not sure) – you guessed it! – climbing big ass rocks!                                                                                                                                                                

Captain Camderpants!

  1. Permits are required for every single fucking thing you do.  You want to move this fryer to the other side of the kitchen?  PERMIT!  You want to add some lights to the bar?  PERMIT!  You want to put a second floor on top of the roof and make a dining area to oversee the Vegas strip?  PERMIT!  (okay, that last one is totally made up, but I bet you we’d have to get a permit for that!)  The point is that there’s a bunch of governing authorities to the operation, and they don’t communicate with each other so we have to talk to all of them individually and pull all types of permits to build shit out.  But after Van and Cam sat in on their food safety manager training course, it’s understandable.  I guess the government wants people to not die when they go out for food and drinks.  Something about public safety.
  2. Garage Roll-Up Window Bartop is more complicated than we anticipated.  The garage roll-up manufacturer doesn’t do glass work, and the glass work guy doesn’t build pony walls.  So, we have to bring in 3 separate companies to build the wall, move the storefront glass, and install the roll-up doors.  We’re hoping that everyone plays nice and none of the measurements are off!
  3. FF&E’s in the bar is well under way by 595 buddies at Lark Design Co. in San Diego who will be putting together really cool glycol-chilled bar-top to keep pints cool in the blistering hot desert heat!  You’ll have to see it to truly appreciate (drool) over it!
  4. Beerfests are rampant in this part of the desert.  And why not!  It’s been a gorgeous mid 70’s every day, with amazing clear blue skies surrounded by world class beer drinkers of all walks of life!  Probably one of the coolest venues for a beer fest that we’ve been to at Boulder City:
  5. Website is under development (like we said the last 4 months lol), and we are SUPER stoked about how gorgeous I’ll look by the end of it!  If you don’t know Matt and Jim, they’re the brains behind some of the coolest graphics and websites released in (my) recent memory.  Just look at our sweet logo!

    Be excited, be VERY excited!!

  6. Community support in Las Vegas has been nothing short of phenomenal!!!  In this section, we gets to name drop a couple of the fantastic local businesses that we will be supporting once we open!!!
    1. CraftHaus – Wyndee and Dave have showed us a lot of support in getting off the ground!  Not to mention they’re one of the power couples spearheading progressive change in some of the antiquated legislation holding back Craft breweries from being able to prosper in the desert oasis!  If that wasn’t enough, it turns out that their brewers Steph and Steve brewed with Camden for a short time during their stint in San Diego under their Two Brewers Abroad program!  Two cool bearded bros brewing beers!
    2. Tenaya Creek – We’ve ran into the Anthony and friends at the last couple beerfests we attended, and damn are we excited about supporting their beers!  The Bonanza Brown is our personal flavorite here!
    3. Lovelady – When we first landed in Las Vegas, we were invited out to Lovelady’s Hopnotic IIPA can release party at Khoury’s.  We got to meet Jeff’s mustache first.  Jeff was sitting behind it, getting hopnotized with the good beer nerds of Henderson, and boy was it a fun time!  We’ve ran into Jeff and family at just about every other brewing event we’ve attended since, and his mustache (and their beers) are doing fantastic!
    4. Top Shelf Wine and Spirits – In a serendipitous turn of events, we found out that in our cozy little corner on Tropicana and Rainbow, the fun folks at Top Shelf will be our co-tenants!  So, if you enjoyed a damn tasty pint at our pub, chances are you can stumble into Top Shelf afterwards and take some home!  It’s a thing of beauty, people.  If I could cry, I would.
    5. Distributors – We’ve met some pretty awesome craft beer folk on this side of the operation, and we think between the 8-10 partners that 595 will be working with, you (the customer) will be able to enjoy something new every single time you walk into our soon-to-be-open doors!  24 taps on constant rotation?  You better believe it!

That’s about all we’ve got for now, but as always, thanks for tuning in!  As we tidy up over the next 4-6 weeks and gear up for our opening, we’re constantly reminded of how supportive and genuine community has been out here.  Our current level of excitement:

OH, WE FORGOT TO TELL YOU!  Not sure if this was ever mentioned to you, but this:

 YES THAT IS AN EPIC SIZED BISON HEAD!!!!  We are trying to find a place for Harry at the bar, our head of security 😆  And to the right, you have Chris grabbing life by the horns!  (/end cheezy lines)

Alright folks, see you soon!  We hope to have pics of the space to be next time, but right now it looks like 3 jack asses (Van, Chris, Cam) walked into a bar and sledgehammered everything.


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